Leaked Money Heist-Rainbow Six partnership is real and it hits tomorrow

Netflix and Ubisoft join forces.

Image via Ubisoft

Fans of the Netflix original series Money Heist will have a chance to wear the series’ iconic outfits and masks with the upcoming crossover event coming to Rainbow Six Siege

The Money Heist crossover event has been expected for some time now. Leaks dating back to August showcased the well-known masks from the series when a slew of cosmetic leaks dropped out of nowhere. These are the same leaks that also confirmed the existence of several Halloween event skins, which were some of the best cosmetics ever introduced to Siege

The Money Heist event launches tomorrow, Nov. 20 and runs through Nov. 25. Bank will appropriately serve as the battleground and the event is locked to the Hostage game mode. 

There are two new bundles available for purchase in the store. Vigil and Hibana each get their own unique headgear, uniform, weapon skin, and charm. Hibana’s bundle is the Heist Bundle and Vigil’s is the Accomplice Bundle. Fans of the full-on Dali look will most likely want to run with Vigil’s since Hibana’s mask is flipped up. Both bundles launch Nov. 20 and will be available for about a year, according to the official page.

Ubisoft partnering with Netflix for a Siege collaboration could signal the beginning of many events like this one. It wouldn’t be the first time Ubisoft has worked with major properties. The developer and publisher has also worked with the Predator license in the past for a Ghost Recon Wildlands crossover, which was met with nostalgic praise from fans.

The Money Heist event comes at a good time for fans of the show who may be looking to get into Siege. A free week of Siege is right around the corner and a heist on Bank is a decent way to kick things off.