Everything we know about the leaked Rainbow Six Siege Halloween event

Siege is getting Spooky mode 2.0.

Image via Ubisoft

It’s Test Server time for Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Ember Rise and along with the new changes come some unexpected glimpses into this year’s Halloween event. 

The leaks show off some absolutely brutal skins for Lesion and Kapkan, as well as an in-depth look at the Theme Park Halloween makeover. 

Fans got a surprising look at the newest midseason event coming to Siege during Operation Ember Rise and it looks to be a vast improvement over last year’s Halloween event. While the inclusion of smaller themed midseason events sounded great at the time, 2018’s Halloween-themed event was a massive flop. Terrible lighting and an uninspired feel made the event unenjoyable for most players. 

Ubisoft has greatly improved on the Halloween event this time around. The leaked skins look absolutely grotesque and the leaked Theme Park makeover is pretty solid, especially when looking at the exterior of the map. While Theme Park will undergo a rework similar to Kafe and Kanal, this layout looks to be the last hurrah for the old version of the map. 

Thanks to YouTuber coreross, fans can get a close-up look at all of the leaked skins. Lesion and Kapkan stand out among the crowd for their sheer coolness, while Frost is pretty uncomfortable to look at for more than a second. 

There have also been rumors of the fan-created “Michael Meyers” game mode actually being implemented by Ubisoft. The mode, which can be created through custom matchmaking, sees one player play as Sledge and chase defenders around the House map using only his hammer. Defenders are only allowed to use Stun Grenades to escape. 

Curiously enough, Lion, Pulse, and Jackal are listed as the attackers for the event. Pulse is usually a defender but it would make sense for him to hunt defenders with his heartbeat scanner alongside Jackal’s tracking ability and Lion’s pinging ability.

These leaks seem pretty concrete and there isn’t too much to argue against, aside from the game mode leak. Fans have a lot to look forward to with this event, but the skins will likely be locked behind the premium event packs that are ridiculously expensive. 

Nevertheless, the leaked Halloween event seems like it’ll be a vast improvement over its predecessor.