Operation Shifting Tides hits Rainbow Six Siege tomorrow

The wait is finally over.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

After a fruitful stint on the Test Server, Operation Shifting Tides is coming to the live build of Rainbow Six Siege tomorrow (Dec. 3).

Originally announced at the Rainbow Six Pro League Japan Finals last month, Operation Shifting Tides has already been met with high praise. Boasting two strong operators in Wamai and Kali, the season looks to give players some of the most unique characters to date. The season also includes a rework of the Operation Blood Orchid’s Theme Park map that brightens up the map and provides players with better rotation options since the entire train area has been removed. 

Operation Shifting Tides launches Tuesday, Dec. 3 across all platforms. As usual, each platform will have its own launch time. PC players will be first in the door at 8am CT, with PS4 and Xbox players closely following at 9am CT and 10am CT, respectively. 

Ubisoft also announced that there will be a new batch of streamer charms launching alongside Operation Shifting Tides. Fans will want to make sure their Twitch and Uplay accounts are linked together if they want to get their charms on day one. 

Ubisoft has done a lot of work behind the scenes since the botched launch of Operation Ember Rise. The previous season looked to be one of the more promising additions to the game, but it was plagued by DDoS attacks. Operation Shifting Tides looks to be one of the more dynamic seasons of Siege to date since many past issues seem to have been resolved.

Wamai and Kali are incoming, so be sure to have your launchers or console set to auto-update before Operation Shifting Tides is released tomorrow.