New R6 operator Flores to debut on Feb. 21 in Crimson Heist reveal

A new operator with a "creative approach."

Image via Ubisoft

The new Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist is set to be fully revealed on Feb. 21 in an official Ubisoft stream.

During the stream, players will get a closer look at the newest operator, the attacker Flores. The trailer for the Crimson Heist reveal was released today, giving fans a brief glance of what Flores will be capable of.

In the trailer, Flores shows off his “creative approach” with a remote-controlled drone carrying explosive C4. This gadget will be called the “RCE-Ratero,” according to R6 data miner benjaminstrike. It will reportedly have a five-second timer prior to detonation, unlike the typically instantaneous C4.

Operation Crimson Heist will coincide with the beginning of the sixth year of Rainbow Six Siege support from Ubisoft. Alongside the new operator, either the Coastline or Border maps will reportedly receive a rework. There will likely also be numerous gameplay changes that should have a drastic impact on the meta.

The Crimson Heist operation will debut in a “full reveal” stream hosted by Ubisoft on Feb. 21 at 11am CT on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel.