Operation Crimson Heist is the name of R6’s new season

Who will the new operator be?

Image via Ubisoft

Operation Crimson Heist will be the name of Y6S1 of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft announced today.

The operation will kick off year six of R6, officially passing the halfway point in the “ten years of support” that Ubisoft pledged for Siege.

The latest operation, Neon Dawn, added Aruni and completely shifted the meta with several gameplay changes.

For around a year, R6 was subject to the “20 second meta.” The reasoning for this meta was simple: the game had become a bit bloated with strong, bulletproof defender gadgets, which forced attackers into a rigid lineup. In addition, clearing the strong bulletproof utility proved difficult with both the sheer amount and the different ways defenders could create easy advantages using it.

Bulletproof utility was slightly decreased and Ubisoft specifically nerfed “catcher” operators Jager and Wamai to ensure a more consistent way for attackers to deal with defender setups. The changes worked like a charm and R6 has never been more fluid. The game has a long way to go and bulletproof utility is still very much in the meta, it just doesn’t take until the last 20 seconds of a round to clear anymore.

Crimson Heist is rumored to ship with a rework of one of two maps: Coastline or Border. Both are heavily rumored to be up for reworks. Coastline could receive changes to make it a more traditional R6 map, while Border could be altered to combat how stale the map has become in competitive or high-ranked play.