Leaked Rainbow Six Siege screengrab reveals potential Caveira Elite skin

Did Caveira scare you? With her Elite skin on, it won't be the case anymore.

Image via Ubisoft

Elite skins are the most highly-anticipated cosmetics in the Rainbow Six Siege community. And yesterday, a player leaked what may be the next Elite skin coming to the game.

The leaked skin is for Caveira and it completely changes the operator’s vibe. Several Reddit users compared the skin to Uncharted’s character Chloe Frazer, a treasure hunter and ally of the hero Nathan Drake.

The user revealed another potential leak as well. Ubisoft is allegedly working on a Capitao Elite skin—the user claims that “it already has a elite class in the game.”

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None of this leaked information has been confirmed by Ubisoft, however. And even though Siege fans enjoy Elite skins, it could be a while before these potential cosmetics are added to the game—if they’re added at all.

Meanwhile, you can play the Rainbow Six seasonal Halloween game mode until Nov. 6.