How will the players on country-based teams be selected for the R6 World Cup?

Three managers will select the players.

Image via Ubisoft

The first Rainbow Six Siege World Cup featuring country-based teams was announced in a trailer yesterday during the Ubisoft Forward event that revealed what’s to come in 2021. It’ll be held next summer.

Forty-five country-based teams will compete for the chance to become the champion of Rainbow Six. Fourteen of those squads will be directly invited and the other 31 will have to battle it out in a qualifier in early 2021. The six best teams from the qualifier will advance to the main event.

Image via Ubisoft

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But first, the teams will have to be created to compete in the event. The selection process will kick off on Sept. 14 and every team will be formed only by players of that nationality. Each team also won’t be able to include more than two players from the same organization.

To select and manage those players, a national committee made of three managers per team will be appointed. Each of those managers will represent a part of the Rainbow Six community to select the players “not only based on their level, but also on what this selection represents for them,” according to Ubisoft’s esports director François-Xavier Dénièle.

He said that one manager will be selected by the national headquarters of Ubisoft, one by the players and coaches of the local competitive scene, and the last one will be elected by a community vote.

It’s possible to imagine a community vote using the same format as the Overwatch World Cup, where the candidates could apply to be a part of the list and the players had to log into their gaming account to vote for a manager of their local team. The details are still unclear at this moment, however.

“I wanted from the start those three managers to represent our esports industry, which means not only including people from the professional world, to get out of the esports we know,” Dénièle said.

Each national committee will select the players in the fall, which means the team compositions will be known before 2021. The dates and format of the event also have yet to be announced. All of the information about the tournament can be found here.