A police dog operator might be coming to Rainbow Six Siege

The creative director apparently talks a lot about adding one to the game.

Image via Ubisoft

Will players see a police dog in Rainbow Six Siege in the future? The player base has been asking for a K-9 unit operator for a long time and this question has finally been answered.

Alexander Karpazis, presentation director at Ubisoft Montreal, answered some questions from the Rainbow Six community in a recent YouTube video. The last question was related to a K-9 unit operator. Karpazis didn’t exclude the possibility, but he didn’t specifically say that the team was working on creating one.

“It’s something that we talked about for a while,” Karpazis said. “Our creative director always talks about a K-9 unit. But to answer your question, I have to ask you a question: are you OK to shoot a dog?”

Police dogs are common in war games, often as opponents. In most Call of Duty games and The Division 2, for example, you have to eliminate these dogs before they kill you.

A Reddit user imagined what a K-9 unit look would like in Rainbow Six. Many users liked it but shared concerns related to getting the choice of killing a dog in the game. Others imagined a way of integrating a dog without having to eliminate it—the dog could be an untargetable guide, similar to the gadget of Jackal.

Karpazis also answered plenty of other questions in this video. Some operators might get more than one Elite skin. Additionally, Rainbow Six won’t feature an Area 51 map, which was “canceled.” It won’t include dual pistols, either. Ubisoft wanted to implement them but found it too hard to make them fit in the game. 

The design of operators has become more imaginative over time in Rainbow Six. It’s unclear if a police dog will be as a future unit in the game, but if it does, it may take an unexpected form.