Lunar New Year event coming to PUBG Mobile tomorrow

The Spring Party is on.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile’s Lunar New Year event, Spring Party, is set to kick off tomorrow. It will introduce a host of new themed items and the chance to get some exclusive rewards.

By going into matches, players will be able to find Latern Material Packs on the ground that, when crafted, will reward players with permanent cosmetic items.

There are multiple phases to get to that point, however, so be prepared to grind a few matches and trade materials you need with friends to get the tasks completed as quickly as possible. There will also be items rewarded upon crafting lanterns, including Gold and other limited items.

Other than that, though, there isn’t really that much more on offer for players to dig into. Most of the other cosmetics seem to be paid items.

The event kicks off on Jan. 21 and ends Feb. 6.