GAMURS Group introduces the must-have tool for esports professionals

GamerAI, gaming made easy.

Image provided by GamerAI

GAMURS Group, the leading esports media network, is excited to announce the launch of a beta trial for its groundbreaking new AI software, GamerAI. Gamers can experience the beta trial starting now at

The beta showcases the initial functionality of the game-improvement platform, which is set to revolutionize how gamers get better at the games they play. This centers on the use of post-game data for improved decision-making, strategies, and performance evaluations. In later iterations, the platform will use AI and machine learning algorithms for on-the-fly game-improvement.

GamerAI’s automated Video on Demand (VOD) system automatically captures and uploads data to a centralized review platform which can be shared with a team of players. This post-match review provides frame-by-frame data and eventually, an advanced video search feature will be added.

Future versions of the software will provide deep statistical insights into every game that is played. These insights are in the form of player and team-based efficiency models that measure key aspects of the gameplay and present personalized data to users to help them review and learn from their matches.

Riad Chikhani, CEO of the GAMURS Group sees the technology as transformative for casual players and professionals alike, “The GamerAI technology provides esports players and teams with an opportunity to discover and unlock new strategies and tactics in order to improve performance,” Chikhani said. “Through the data gathered by our proprietary computer-vision software, we are able to inform and educate individuals on their performance and where improvements can be made, whilst measuring the impact of that advice. Ultimately, GamerAI is a powerful technology that can fundamentally transform how players and teams both train and analyze performance data.”

Over the next few months, the team led by CTO and lead project manager Grant Osbourne will roll out ambitious features, including contextual video search, customizable performance metrics, and map-based strategy planning tools for teams.

“The last 10 months have been an epic journey for GamerAI,” Osbourne said. “We’ve built an amazing AI platform that runs computer vision models in real time all feeding data back to our video analytics platform. This is a great foundation, but we have a long way to go. I am truly excited to see all the new ideas and technologies that we can now build on our platform.”

Osbourne continued, “This technology will really let you “see” the results in the context of the video they are from – exciting stuff! I’d like to thank all our alpha testers and look forward to what we can achieve working closely with both alpha and beta testers in 2019.”

The beta launched April 11, 2019 with League of Legends and Dota 2. Functionality for Apex legends and CS:GO will soon follow.

GamerAI will be available in free and premium subscriptions via the GamerAI website.

For more information visit the GamerAI website or social media pages.