Zekrom is now available in 5-star Pokémon Go raids

Zekrom is finally appearing in raids.

Image via Niantic

Zekrom is finally available in five-star Pokémon Go raids as the Raid Boss rotation shifts for the next month of content. 

This does mean Reshiram has left the raid rotation and is no longer available to obtain, but the Dragon of Ideals will eventually return to let players who missed their chance capture it.

As for Zekrom, it brings a versatile type combination to the pool of Legendary Pokémon available in the game.The Dragon/Electric-type is a powerful physical attacker that can break through teams if you bring the right support around it to counter its limited weaknesses. 

The Dragon of Truth will also receive its own set of Raid Hours to celebrate its arrival. Much like Reshiram, these events will be held every Wednesday after Zekrom releases, beginning on June 17. 

  • June 17: 6pm to 7pm local time
  • June 24: 6pm to 7pm local time
  • July 1: 6pm to 7pm local time

From now until about mid-July, Zekrom will be obtainable in the game, leading up to a switch which will bring Kyurem in. That will complete the Tao Trio from Pokémon Black and White and Black 2/White 2’s migration into Pokémon Go and nearly complete the fifth generation’s Pokédex for the game. 

It is still unclear when Kyurem will be added or if Kyurem-White and Kyurem-Black will be introduced to the game at any point soon, but for now, you should focus on capturing the Deep Black Pokémon.