Where to find a giant Poké Ball in Shanghai

This real-life Poké Ball in Shanghai should be on your list to visit next.

Image via the Pokémon Company

If you ever make a trip to China, the giant Poké Ball in Shanghai is one of the things you’ll need to check off of your bucket list as a Pokémon fan.

This giant Poké Ball building is the centerpiece of a shopping mall known as Metro-City, located in Xujiahui. And if you’re wondering if the shopping center was built just to be a Poké Ball, the answer is no.

The popular shopping center was built in 1989 and serves as a giant landmark in Xujiahui for a multitude of reasons. The Metro-City shopping center features normal mall stores such as restaurants, cafes, and a cinema at the very top level. But what sets it apart from others is its heavy base in being the hub for electronics in all of Shanghai.

If you happen to stop by the Metro-City mall, however, make sure it’s at night. During the day, the otherwise brimming Poké Ball would simply look like a giant crystalline globe-shaped structure. 

While the building is a spectacle on its own, it pales in comparison to the aesthetic you’ll find at night when it becomes a giant Poké Ball that steals the eyes of both tourists and residents alike. 

This giant Poké Ball was created as a promotion for Anessa sunscreen products. Anessa is a Japanese company that focuses on skincare products that help protect the skin against harmful UV rays.

Starting in February 2021, Anessa and Pokémon collaborated to create a special line of UV sunscreen products featuring various Pokémon as the art of the bottle. The special Pokémon-themed sunscreen features a total of six different Pokémon from the Kanto region. And while starters like Charmander and Squirtle are available, Bulbasaur fans will need to hope for another Anessa x Pokémon collaboration in the future.

Anessa created six various Pokémon-themed sunscreens back in early 2021. Image via Anessa

While one may not think of skincare when they think of Pokémon, the giant Poké Ball is sure to attract the eyes of many. Who knows, maybe that sunscreen will be quite handy once spring and summer inch closer.

So if one of your life goals was to visit a real-life Poké Mart, this may be your best opportunity to live out your childhood dream.