Where is Snorlax in New Pokémon Snap?

You will need to veer off the path.

Screengrab via Nintendo

New Pokémon Snap‘s Secret Side Path may not be a new zone like Mightywide River or Barren Badlands, but it does give players a chance to get new improved snaps of the species within Florio Nature Park.

One of the Pokémon you might want to get a shot off is Snorlax on the Secret Side Path, who is even more massive thanks to the shrinking of NEO-ONE.

How to reach Snorlax on Secret Side Path

Screengrab via Nintendo

When you first emerge on the Secret Side Path, you won’t immediately see Snorlax. But after taking a look around, you’ll notice a pathing choice emerge amongst the tall grass. If you select the left side, you’ll be taken directly onto the belly of Snorlax where you can capture photos of this magnificent creature.

But there is still more opportunity to get a better shot.

  • First, toss four apples into Snorlax’s mouth.
  • Once you’re nearing the end of the Secret Side Path right before the flower field, you’ll see Snorlax emerge once again, allowing you to score some further snaps.

If you’re looking for the perfect four-star photo of Snorlax, all you’ll need to do is hit the Pokémon with an Illumina Orb when seen amidst the flower field. This will cause it to run towards the NEO-ONE, presenting the opportunity to capture exactly what you’re after.