What are Hidden Abilities in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

It's something else to think about.

Image via Nintendo

A recurring feature for Pokémon Sword and Shield was just revealed in the latest trailer showcased at the Pokémon World Championships.

Hidden Abilities are special abilities that a Pokémon can learn. They’re quite different from a Pokémon’s usual abilities. One of these examples included Corviknight’s Hidden Ability Mirror Armor, which reflects any stat change attacks back to the Pokémon that cast them.

But what exactly are Hidden Abilities and how do your Pokémon learn them?

Well, Hidden Abilities are only given to Pokémon that are caught in Max Raid Battles. They can’t be found in usual wild encounters or breeding and can only be obtained through this new feature.

There’s also a chance that you’ll encounter a Pokémon that has a Gigantamax form in Max Raid Battles, but it’s extremely rare. Therefore, it’ll be nearly impossible to find a Pokémon that has a Gigantamax form and a Hidden Ability through these successful captures.

It sounds like Hidden Abilities are going to be incredibly hard to come across, but getting a Pokémon that has one could be the difference between a competitive win or loss in the future.