Three Pokémon TCG Celebrations products delayed due to ‘uncertain shipping conditions’

Other products should launch as scheduled.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon TCG is set to launch its latest and arguably most anticipated set later this week but unfortunately, some of the Celebrations products have suffered delays in North America.

First reported by PokeBeach who cited notices sent out by some distributors in North America, three Celebrations products will be delayed due to “uncertain shipping conditions.”

The three items are the Pikachu V-Union Collection, Lance’s Charizard V Collection, and Dark Sylveon Collection. All three of these products include Celebrations packs alongside a regular and jumbo size of their respective promo card.

It isn’t clear how many stores will be affected by these delays or how far it will push back the release of these products. Other Celebrations products will launch on their scheduled release dates of Oct. 8 and Oct. 22.

The demand for Celebrations is set to be drastically higher than other recent sets given the close reprints of vintage cards that you’ll be able to score from the set. If you haven’t got any pre-orders in for Celebrations, you may struggle to get your hands on the products. So maybe get it early to save yourself the hassle later.

Update Oct. 6 7:48pm CT: According to an update by PokeBeach, some Canadian retailers have announced the same delays.