This Pikachu-filled train in Japan is a Pokémon fan’s dream

Japan really gets all the coolest Pokémon stuff.

Photo via Pokémon/JR East

Imagine it’s a dreary Monday morning and it’s time to board the train again for your commute to work. Not fun, right? Well, imagine your surroundings are completely plastered with Pikachus and the love of Pokémon all around you.

For Pokémon fans, that sounds like a dream. But for Pokémon fans in Japan, it can be a reality. Japan’s national rail service recently shared a video of the special “Pokémon With You” train and it looks amazing.

The train, which travels between Ichinoseki Station and Kesennuma Station, originally launched in 2012 to help bring some happiness to those affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. It has since been updated in 2017 and is still bringing joy to this day.

The train is filled to the brim with Pikachu artwork, Pikachu plushes, a ball pit, and there are even special Pokémon bento boxes on offer for a meal. Overall, the vibe is cute, positive, and exudes all things Pokémon.

The train consists of two carriages, one for parents to relax in and another “playroom” carriage for kids to enjoy. Whichever one you end up in, the spirit of Pokémon fills the air.

The train doesn’t run all year round, but if you’re ever in Japan and looking for a Pokémon pick-me-up, this seems like a good start.