The Pokémon Company reveals Zacian V from 25th Anniversary Collection

Another legendary Pokémon joins the set.

The Pokémon Company has unveiled another card that will be joining the upcoming Pokémon OCG 25th Anniversary Collection.

This week’s card is Zacian V with new unique art. The full art V card was showcased and has its description revealed on the Pokémon OCG official website.

Image via The Pokémon Company

“The trick ‘Storm Slash’ increases damage according to the number of super energies attached to Zacian V. Also, with the characteristic ‘Ken no Hokou’, you can attach one super energy to your favorite Pokémon from your deck, so you can increase the damage of your own skill ‘Storm Slash’ and accelerate energy to other Pokémon,” according to a machine translation via the Pokémon OCG site.

This card will join the booster packs for the upcoming 25th Anniversary Collection that will launch on Oct. 22 in Japan. Unlike previous weeks, there was no promotional booster card revealed.

It’s likely we’ll also see Zacian V in the English set Celebrations that will be launching in the West on Oct. 8. Next week, we’ll likely have a much clearer look at which cards have made their way into the English set.