The Pokemon Company reveals Xerneas and M Rayquaza EX from 25th Anniversary Collection

More legendary Pokémon join the lineup.

Image via The Pokémon Company

As has been tradition lately, Friday bought with it the reveal of two more cards from the upcoming Pokémon OCG 25th Anniversary Collection

Two more legendary Pokémon were revealed, with The Pokémon Company announcing Xerneas and M Rayquzaz EX, both a part of the upcoming October set.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Xerneas will be available via the collection’s regular booster packs and is a regular card marked with the 25th Anniversary branding.

If you’re after M Rayquaza EX, you’ll need to purchase a few of the regular 25th Anniversary booster packs to earn yourself a promotional pack. These promo backs include reprints of older cards branded with the 25th Anniversary logo.

Image via The Pokémon Company

This mega evolution for Rayquaza was first released as part of the Pokémon TCG XY: Roaring Skies set back in 2015.

These two cards will likely both be joining the Celebrations TCG set that will launch in the West in October to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the trading card game. If you plan on purchasing either the OCG 25th Anniversary Collection or any Celebrations products, make sure to get your preorders in. These cards will quickly be snatched up upon launch.

The 25th Anniversary Collection launches in Japan on Oct. 22, while Celebrations will be available in the west on Oct. 8. You can check out last weeks revealed cards for the anniversary set here.