The Pokémon Company reveals four cards, including Lunala and Tapu Lele GX, from 25th Anniversary Collection

The set is less than a month away.

Image via The Pokémon Company

New legendary cards have again been revealed for the upcoming October Pokémon OCG 25th Anniversary Collection.

Unlike other weeks, there were four cards revealed today. Three of these were regular cards, along with a single full art.

Included in the regular 25th Anniversary Collection will be Cosmog, Cosmoem, and Lunala from generation seven, all featuring the trainer Lillie in their artwork.

Tapu Lele-GX was revealed for the promotional booster pack, a card that had previously been shown off and is a reprint from an early set. As with all cards in this pack, it boasts the 25th Anniversary stamp, but outside that there is no difference from the original version that can be found in the Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising set.

Image via The Pokemon Company

To receive a promotional booster pack, collectors will need to purchase four or more regular booster packs at a time.

Also announced today and first reported by PokéBeach, voting has begun to decide the best Pokémon TCG coin from the past. The one with the most votes will see a re-release in the future, and you can vote on your favorite here.

Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary collection will hit stores in Japan on Oct. 22, and these cards will likely make their way into the West’s October set Celebrations also.