The best Hisuian forms in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

These are absolutely the coolest new forms.

Screengrab via Nintendo/The Pokémon Company

As a landmark new entry in the Pokémon series, Pokémon Legends: Arceus knew that it had to bring the wow factor when it came to new Pokémon designs.

Although the adventure technically takes place in Sinnoh, Game Freak wasn’t just content with bringing back fan favorites from Generation IV. Arceus features a wide range of Pokémon from different regions and generations.

To further build on that, many of these Pokémon have new forms, evolutions, or styles that better match the old-fashioned Hisui setting. While some are cute, some are cool, and some are fun, these Hisuian forms take the cake as the best in the game.


Screengrab via Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

Hisuian Growlithe was one of the first Hisuian forms revealed before the game’s launch and it’s still one of the best the game has to offer. Growlithe has been around since Generation I, but it hasn’t seen many changes between now and then. Giving this already cute Fire-type an even cuter redesign and adding the extra Rock typing was just the refresh it needed to make it feel new again. Though Arcanine’s design might have the cool factor, nothing can match the immediate adorableness of its younger brother.


Screengrab via Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

Samurott’s Hisuian form definitely brings the cool. Though it’s not a huge change from its original Unovan form, the adjusted coloring and dramatic whisker shape definitely complement Hisuian Samurott’s new Dark typing. The red claws and jagged horn give the impression of something that’s been corrupted, making it feel like a dangerous, powerful Pokémon to have on your team.


Screengrab via Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

Hisuian Zoroark was also revealed prior to the game’s release. Even after we saw the full suite of Hisuian forms, few other Pokémon have reached the level of total redesign that Zoroark got. While its Unovan form is full of poise, grace, and restraint, Hisuian Zoroark looks wilder, almost more devilish. Its new typing, Normal and Ghost (previously Dark), refers to a tragic backstory affecting its base form, Hisuian Zorua. While Hisuian Zorua is cute and cuddly, there’s none of that sweetness in Hisuian Zoroark. Imagine having one of these on your team.


Screengrab via Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

While Quilfish, Overqwil’s base form, does have its own Hisuian form, Overqwil is the star of the show. This Hisui-exclusive evolution turns the puffy, very-not-intimidating Quilfish into a rough-and-tumble fish with extremely foreboding spikes. Quilfish is known for its Poison Point ability, which can be seen in the dramatic purple coloring on the end of Overqwil’s spikes. Like Growlithe, Quilfish is a Pokémon who’s been around for a while and was in desperate need of a refresh. Overqwil more than delivers: For the first time, you might actually want a Quilfish on your team.