Target has started selling Pokémon TCG products in stores again

Buyers will still be limited to two items, but at least they're back on shelves.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Some Target stores around the U.S. suspended sales for Pokémon TCG and other collectible card game products on May 14. But the company is now offering customers a chance to purchase these in-demand products once again. 

The announcement was made today while Target’s social media promoted its Deal Days event for June 20 to 22 and users asked if they’d be able to buy Pokémon cards again. 

Sales technically resumed yesterday, with many buyers sharing pictures of stocked shelves in their local stores, which are a stark contrast to the empty aisles that only had some sparse Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering last week.

Target initially enacted this suspension “to ensure the safety of its guests and team members” with the demand for certain Pokémon, MLB, NBA, and NFL card products continuing to rise. It’s not uncommon to see collectors and resellers rushing into stores as soon as they open to capitalize on restocks. 

For now, Target is still playing it safe with its Pokémon TCG inventory, limiting buyers to two items per day. This won’t stop scalpers from finding workarounds, but it will at least keep individuals from cleaning out an entire store. 

This announcement also only mentioned Pokémon cards and not MLB, NBA, and NFL products. It’s unclear if Target has plans to stock physical shelves again with sports cards since they were the cause of a physical altercation that happened at a Target store right before the suspension of sales.  

Those who still want to get their cards from Target can purchase their goods from the website.