Tag Team Supporter cards officially revealed for Altered Genesis Pokémon TCG expansion

This was our first real look at the new Tag Team Supporter cards.

Image via Pokémon

We already knew that Tag Team Supporter cards are coming in the newest Pokémon TCG expansion, Altered Genesis, which will be released in Japan on Sept. 6. But the only confirmed Tag Team Supporter card was Red & Blue. a card featuring characters from the original Pokémon games.

Fans finally got their first full look at both the Red & Blue card and the newly-revealed Cynthia & Caitlin Supporter Tag Team today. These are the only two Tag Team Supporter cards confirmed as of now, but there could be some late reveals before the set is officially released. 

Tag Team Supporter cards will have a regular effect and a stronger secondary effect if additional conditions are met at the time of activation. There will also probably be a hard limit for how many of these you can use per game, just like GX attacks.

Cynthia & Caitlin will allow players to put a Supporter card from their discard pile into their hand as long as it isn’t another Cynthia & Caitlin or cards discarded by its effect. As a secondary effect, players can discard one card from their hand to draw three cards. 

Image via Pokémon

Red & Blue allows players to search their deck for an Evolution Pokémon GX that evolves from a Pokémon in play and put it on that Pokémon to instantly evolve it before shuffling their deck. The additional effect for this card allows players to discard two Energy cards from their hand in order to search for and attach two basic energies to the Pokémon they evolved using the first effect. 

Image via Pokémon

Red & Blue can’t be used on a player’s first turn or on a Pokémon that was just put into play. But so far, there seems to be no restrictions on using these cards outside of the standard Supporter limitations.

With this new implementation, there are several other ways a Supporter with Tag Team capabilities can fit into the meta. Western players won’t see these cards until they come over from Japan in the form of the Cosmic Eclipse set on Nov. 1.