Secret Rare cards for upcoming Pokémon TCG sets Fusion Arts, Fusion Strike revealed

Mew, Hoopa, Elesa, and breakdancing Genesect!

Image via The Pokemon Company

The next Pokémon TCG set Fusion Strike is set to release on Nov. 12 in the West, but Japanese players have already started getting their hands on the original version, Fusion Arts

Fusion Arts will be available in Japan starting on Sept. 24, and thanks to some early products hitting the shelves, everyone is getting a look at the Secret Rare cards that are included in the set. 

The chase cards for this set mostly revolve around Mew, Hoopa, and Genesect, which are all featured as Secret Rare cards and include the new Fusion Strike Style battle style. This means they will have moves that focus on teamwork and having specific other Pokémon in play at the same time. 

Mew will probably be the most sought-after card in general, with its multiple arts and VMAX offerings, but Genesect V’s alternate art featuring it breakdancing is kind of stealing the show for many fans. 

Image via PokeBeach

Additionally, full-art variants of Sidney, Elesa’s Sparkle, Dancer, and the Chili & Cilan & Cress Trainer cards will also be included, along with Rainbow Rare variants. 

One of the more interesting inclusions is a Secret Rare Flaffy, which features the shiny variant of the Electric-type. Here is the full list of Secret Rares that were revealed for Fusion Arts, provided by various users and PokeBeach.

Image via PokeBeach
  • Tsareena V
  • Chandelure V
  • Crabominable V
  • Boltund V
  • Mew V
  • Mew V (Alternate Art)
  • Hoopa V
  • Genesect V
  • Genesect V (Alternate Art)
  • Greedent V
  • Greedent V (Alternate Art)
  • Sidney
  • Elesa’s Sparkle
  • Dancer
  • Chili & Cilan & Cress
  • Chandelure VMAX
  • Boltund VMAX
  • Mew VMAX
  • Mew VMAX (Alternate Art)
  • Greedent VMAX
  • Sidney (Rainbow Rare)
  • Elesa’s Sparkle (Rainbow Rare)
  • Dancer (Rainbow Rare)
  • Chili & Cilan & Cress (Rainbow Rare)
  • Flaaffy
  • Trainer
  • Training Court
  • Grass Energy
  • Fire Energy

A majority of these cards, if not all of them, will make their way into Fusion Strike. Several cut cards were not included in Evolving Skies’ final setlist but will also be added into the upcoming set.