Scarlet and Violet confirm a dark future some Pokémon were already teasing

That's scary.

Gothitelle glowing in the Pokémon anime.
Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gave us a taste of how dangerous the past and future could be, but a couple of Pokémon were apparently already aware of the dark future according to their Pokédex entries.

One player talked about two Psychic-type Pokémon that are known to foretell what is to come—Gen V’s Gothitelle and Gen II’s Xatu—in a Sept. 23 Reddit thread. Both ‘mons have apparently seen terrible things that lie in the future, and that might have something to do with future Paradox Pokémon.

Xatu’s Ruby Pokédex entry says it “stands rooted and still in one spot all day long. People believe that this Pokémon does so out of fear of the terrible things it has foreseen in the future.” Although it’s not explicitly stated what terrible things Xatu has seen, it could easily have something to do with the Violet-exclusive future Paradox Pokémon.

For some eerie reason, Violet’s Paradox Pokémon all look like robot forms of modern ‘mons like Tyranitar and Delibird. As the post’s author points out, the existence of robot Paradox Pokémon could imply that the modern forms went extinct and were replaced by those robots—and that’s an unsettling thought.

Meanwhile, Gothitelle’s Violet Pokédex entry states, “It acts somewhat detached because it has seen the end of all existence.” This, unfortunately, goes beyond robots taking over the Pokémon world. Perhaps sometime after robots become the norm, the Pokémon world will just cease to exist as mentioned in Gothitelle’s Pokédex entry.

And between Gothitelle’s end-of-the-world visions, the terrible things Xatu’s seen, and the robot Paradox Pokémon, fans are left wondering why the future seems so dark in the Pokémon universe. What exactly caused the future Paradox Pokémon to be robots of their modern-day counterparts? And what’s going to cause the end of all existence seen with Gothitelle’s psychic abilities?

One player also mentioned how the Pokémon Multiverse seems to be “held together with paperclips and string,” based on mysterious phenomena like Gen VII’s Ultra Wormholes, Space-Time Distortions in Legends: Arceus, and the Distortion World in Gen IV. A combination of these phenomena could be contributing to the world’s end without us even knowing.

A few other players put the blame on humans for ending the world. “You have literal gods with cataclysmic powers being wielded by 10-year-olds,” one joked, referring to the strong Legendary Pokémon you can catch and battle within the game.

Another player pointed out how powerful criminal organizations like Team Galactic seek to destroy the world. Eventually, one of those organizations might actually succeed and make Gothitelle’s dark visions a reality.

We’ll just have to wait and see whether these “Pokédex prophecies” eventually come true.


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