Pokémon UNITE reaches over 5 million mobile pre-registrations, unveils new milestone

The Pikachu Festival Style Holowear has been unlocked.

Image via TiMi Studio

The mobile pre-registration process for Pokémon UNITE has been an immense success. TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company revealed today that over five million players have pre-registered to play the MOBA game on mobile, thus making the devs add a fourth milestone that will be unlocked once 7.5 million people pre-register: 1,000 Aeos Tickets.

This new milestone should be reached in the next few days. There’s still plenty of time to pre-register for Pokémon UNITE on mobile since that version won’t be released until Sept. 22. With over five million people pre-registered, the Pikachu Festival Style Holowear, the third milestone set by TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company, has been successfully unlocked as well.

These rewards will be available for use across all versions of the game and players are required to complete the log-in event in the mobile version by Oct. 31 to claim the milestone rewards. Players who haven’t completed the pre-registration and want to do so just have to access Pokémon UNITE‘s App Store and Google Play page and click on pre-register after logging in.

It’s unclear if TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company will keep adding pre-registration milestones after this additional 1,000 Aeos Tickets, but it’s possible since the marketing strategy is clearly working. Maybe another Unite License or a different Holowear will do the trick to attract more players to the upcoming mobile version of the game.