Pokémon UNITE Halloween Festival begins Oct. 20, Greedent revealed as next playable Pokémon

Spooky and squirrelly.

Screengrab via Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE’s first seasonal event, Halloween Festival, is set to begin in just a couple of days on Oct. 20.

The Halloween-themed event will bring seasonal decorations to the game’s battlegrounds like pumpkins and decorations, along with costumes for several Pokémon, and the squirrel Pokémon Greedent as the game’s newest playable character.

Greedent is shown using some of its moves, including what looks like Bullet Seed. It’s unclear what role Greedent will have, but several diamond-shaped nodes underneath its health bar tease that it will have some sort of charge-up mechanic for its moveset.

The trailer above also revealed several new backgrounds and poses for Unite snapshots on player cards, as well as customization items for your trainer’s outfit, like a Pikachu pumpkin mask and much more.

The costumes in the teaser include ones for Charizard, Wigglytuff, Zeraora, and Lucario. They range from Halloween-themed and even fall-themed, such as Charizard’s beanie and scarf, making it almost look like a Harry Potter character.

The Halloween Festival in Pokémon UNITE starts this Wednesday, Oct. 20, and will run until Nov. 7.