Pokémon Unite domains reportedly enabled ahead of E3 2021

Just in time for E3?

Nintendo revealed its first entry into the MOBA genre with Pokémon Unite in June 2020. And now, it seems like we might be getting closer to learning more about the game.

The reveal for Pokémon Unite was a surprise to many fans of the franchise. But after early skepticism, fans have been eager to test it out for themselves. 

Pokémon news outlet Pokekalos reported earlier today that the domains unite.pokemon.com and pokemonunite.jp have both been activated.

While this doesn’t confirm any plans for a release, Nintendo is set to host a panel at E3 next week, so these domains could be linked to an announcement regarding the game there.

Nintendo revealed that the game will launch for both mobile and the Nintendo Switch when it’s finally made public. A beta for the mobile version was already held in Canada for Android users.

The reception from this test was overwhelmingly positive. Despite its success, the beta hasn’t expanded to further regions at this point.

E3 is preparing to be a big one for Nintendo. On top of the rumors of a new Switch console announcement, there’s a chance we could see further gameplay footage for the two upcoming Switch releases in the Pokémon series, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as well as 2022’s Legends: Arceus.

For Pokémon fans who are eager to get their hands on Unite, E3 may be your best bet to hear more details. But either way, the expo is shaping up to be a must-watch event.