Pokémon TCG players to receive promo Eeveelutions VMAX cards at upcoming Gym Tournaments in Hong Kong

Previously limited to Japan, this should inspire hope for players around the world.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon TCG players in Hong Kong will have the opportunity to score some limited edition promo cards by performing well in upcoming Gym Tournaments.

The cards include three special edition VMAX Eeveelution promos which were previously released in Japan and a single Gym Trainer promo. The initial distribution in Japan will see the cards available through a lottery system with 3,000 of each card to be gifted.

Image via The Pokémon Company

In Hong Kong, the cards will be given to the winner of each 16-person tournament during August and September. The first beginning between Aug. 16 and 29 will see the winners get Vaporeon. The tournaments through Aug. 30 and Sep. 12 will receive Jolteon, and winners of the events between Sep. 13 and 26 will obtain Flareon.

The final card revealed, Gym Trainer, has not been released anywhere else in the world as yet. It will likely be a participation prize for players who join these events.

With only 55 tournaments held, the Chinese variants of these Eeveelution promos will be rarer than their Japanese counterparts, with only around 20 handed out to players.

There will also be booster packs handed out to players, boasting seven unique promotional cards for the event.

Seeing these limited edition promos which are typically only released in Japan as rewards for competition in Hong Kong should inspire hope for TCG players in the west that they could come in the future.