Pokémon Sword and Shield set to host ‘Mythical Melee’ online tournament on Sep. 10

Only legendary species are allowed within this event.

Image via The Pokémon Company

A brand-new tournament is set to begin in Pokémon Sword and Shield–and it will require players to create a party of strictly legendary Pokémon.

The brand new Mythical Melee tournament was announced to begin on Sep. 10 and is a single battle event with only legendary Pokémon allowed.

This is one of the more unique premises for an online tournament, given that most of the time, legendary Pokémon are restricted. In this case, players will be required to take advantage of their extreme power.

As far as which legendary Pokémon are allowed, there appear to be no restrictions, giving players a chance to use any species they have captured in the game. Participants won’t be able to use more than one of each Pokémon during the event, though, nor the same items.

If you want to take part in this event, registrations are open now. You can sign up through the menu within Sword and Shield. Navigate to the menu within the game, select VS, choose Battle Stadium, and then Online Competitions. Search for any available competitions, and you will find the upcoming Mythical Melee event which you can sign up for now.

Players who want to make the most of the event can participate in up to 15 battles on each of the days of the competition that will begin on Sept. 10 and wrap up on Sept. 13. If you’ve been waiting to test the strength of your legendary Pokémon against other players, don’t miss this opportunity to do so.


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