Pokémon Sword and Shield launches Galarian Form Mystery Gift promotion

A new set of Mystery Gifts is launching now.

Image via Pokemon

Every week for the next four weeks, trainers can redeem a different Mystery Gift code to receive one of four Galarian Form Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield

This promotion is being used to distribute Galarian Form Pokémon with their hidden abilities along with some extra items to prepare trainers for their adventures in the Isle of Armor Expansion Pass. 

Starting with Galarian Mr. Mime, players can collect four different Pokémon, various rare Poké Balls, and some even rarer items that can be sold for money, used to evolve Pokémon, or help train your team. All you need to do is enter the Mystery Gift menu and select the “Get a Mystery Gift” and “Get via Internet” option to receive each of the promotional offers. 

Each Galarian Form Pokémon will be available for one week, starting with Galarian Mr. Mime and ending with Galarian Meowth. Here are all of the details for each Mystery Gift package. 

  • Galarian Mr. Mime: May 21 to 28
    • Galarian Mr. Mime with Hidden Ability Ice Body 
    • One of each: Lure Ball, Moon Ball, Heavy Ball, and Dream Ball
  • Galarian Ponyta: May 28 to June 4
    • Galarian Ponyta with Hidden Ability Anticipation
    • One of each: Level Ball, Fast Ball, Love Ball, Friend Ball, and Beast Ball
  • Galarian Corsola: June 4 to 11
    • Galarian Corsola with Hidden Ability Cursed Body
    • One of each: Sweet Apple, Tart Apple, Chipped Pot, Cracked Pot, Sachet, and Whipped Dream
  • Galarian Meowth: June 11 to TBD (likely June 18)
    • Galarian Meowth with Hidden Ability Unnerve
    • 50 Big Nuggets and 100 Exp. Candies L 

Even if you don’t need the Pokémon, all of the items included within the Mystery Gifts are useful on their own. Players should especially make sure they grab the Galarian Corsola and Galarian Meowth promotions because those items could help you finish your Pokédex and grind up your team. 

This promotion will last until mid-June, with no set end date following the start of the Galarian Meowth distribution on June 11. But this gives fans a good time frame for when the Isle of Armor DLC is going to drop, too. 

Since each promotion prior to the final distribution will last exactly one week, it can be expected that the entire Mystery Gift campaign will end on June 18. The first Sword and Shield Expansion Pass is set to drop by the end of June and this distribution is supposed to “get trainers ready for their adventure on the Isle of Armor,” so a release date around June 20 is looking likely.

Galarian Mr. Mime is already up for grabs through this Mystery Gift event, so make sure to capitalize on the free goodies.