Pokémon Presents will show 11 minutes of Sword and Shield Expansion Pass details on June 17

New details could be coming right before release.

Screengrab via Nintendo

The Pokémon Company will be hosting a new Pokémon Presents stream tomorrow that will provide trainers with more details about the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass. 

At 8am CT on June 17, there will be an 11-minute presentation focusing on The Isle of Armor expansion that’s set to be released tomorrow. This will be the last bit of new information about the first part of the Expansion Pass before it goes live for everyone. 

And while the event will likely just be a basic overview of the content in the Expansion Pass with a few new details or Pokémon getting shown off, there’s also a chance that something new will be revealed too. The Japanese name of the steam is ポケモン新作発表会, which roughly translates to Pokémon New Product Presentation, according to Pokémon database Serebii.

That could just mean that TPC is treating The Isle of Armor as new content up until it’s actually released, but more details about the second part of the Expansion Pass, Frozen Tundra, could get a little bit of love too. 

Some information has slowly been coming out about the Sword and Shield DLC, including that the levels will scale in some form throughout The Isle of Armor. The Wild Area is also a much more interactive and advanced version of the original one in the base games. 

The Isle of Armor Expansion Pass is set to release on June 17. After the Pokémon Presents stream tomorrow, most of the new information coming out will switch to focus on The Frozen Tundra, which is set to release in the fall.