Pokémon: Legends Arceus players find a bug that lets you clone Shinies

An entire Shiny clone army.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon Legends: Arceus players recently shared a method that uses a bug and allows players to duplicate rare Shiny Pokémon several times.

Legends: Arceus has won over the hearts of many Pokémon fans due to its change from the main series’ formula, with different styles of battles, crafting, and ways to interact with the world around you. The focus on exploration and the capture of wild Pokémon is fun and has been well received. This makes a lot of players want to complete their Pokédex and catch the rare Shiny versions of their favorite Pokémon. With an easy-to-do exploit, players at the moment can catch the same Shiny Pokémon multiple times.

Twitter user @Kqttling first showed fans how to operate the glitch step-by-step. It’s easy but does require a bit of patience. Start by turning off the autosave. The next part is the hardest since you’ll need to find a Shiny on your own and it must be found from trees, minerals, or chests only.

After capturing the Shiny, save the game manually and go to a nearby cave. Wait there for about 30 minutes and when you come back, you’ll notice that the tree, rock, or chest will be shaking. Send a Pokémon at it and you’ll encounter the exact same Shiny Pokémon you caught earlier, with the same stats and even ID.

YouTuber PhillyBeatzU also detailed on Feb. 5 how this bug works. After the catch, players have to leave the area in a non-permanent way, for example by entering a cave nearby. Just don’t go back to Jubilee City. This allows the game to load and update the list of Pokémon that can be found in the wild, without removing the ones that have already been generated completely. This procedure can be repeated indefinitely and will clone the same Pokémon multiple times.

It’s possible that the developer, Game Freak, will correct this bug in a future patch. But until then, players can replicate a lot of Shinies to trade with each other.