Pokémon HOME to undergo server maintenance next week

It will coincide with Pokémon UNITE's server maintenance.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon HOME will be down for server maintenance for a few hours next week.

The maintenance will take place from 8pm CT on Sept. 21 to 1am CT on Sept. 22, according to Serebii. All HOME services will be down during this time, meaning players won’t be able to access the app or their Pokémon until the maintenance is finished. The outage will affect the Switch version of the app as well as its Apple and Android versions. After the maintenance is complete, mobile users will be able to update their app to version 1.5.

Players are hoping that the maintenance will bring additional storage space or other new features, but this seems unlikely. The Pokémon Company hasn’t announced any new features recently. And even if it had, server maintenance normally doesn’t bring new content to apps and games. Players are also hoping that this process will get the game ready for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which are set to launch this November.

HOME’s maintenance will coincide with maintenance on Pokémon UNITE, which is set to launch its mobile version around the time of the fixes. UNITE will be down from 4pm CT on Tuesday, Sept. 21 to 2am CT on Wednesday, Sept. 22.