Pokémon HOME is coming in February

You don't have to wait much longer.

Image via Nintendo

We finally know when fans can get their hands on Pokémon HOME thanks to the Pokémon Direct that took place earlier today.

Set to come out in February, Pokémon HOME will offer fans who have Pokémon in games from previous generations, like Let’s Go and Bank, the chance to transfer those creatures over to Sword and Shield.

Image via Nintendo

The service, which will be available on mobile devices, will act as a storage unit for all your favorite Pokémon from previous generations. The costs associated with this service remain a mystery, however, and it’s unclear if there’s any limit on the number of Pokémon that it can hold.

In fact, there still isn’t a lot of information known about it. As we get closer to the February release date, though, Nintendo and Game Freak should share more on the project as well as further details on what you can do with it and how it’ll work.

For now, we’ll just need to wait to see what the service is like, as well as the actual release day, whenever Nintendo or Game Freak decide to drop more details.