Pokémon Go’s next Community Day is coming soon, but players have one major concern

Players aren't happy with Community Days.

An image of a Pokemon and a player character with the Pokemon Go logo
Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go‘s October Community Day will focus on Timburr, but that hasn’t stirred much reaction from players, who expressed one major concern about the event.

The next Community Day event in the game is planned for Oct. 15 and will feature an enhanced spawn rate for Timburr, from 2pm to 5pm local time, according to Serebii’s report. It’s still unclear which special Attack it will feature for the event’s duration.

The official Pokémon Go schedule already revealed Timburr would be a highlighted species at some point during the month, but it didn’t specify the kind of event it’d be linked to.

There wasn’t much excitement regarding the featured Pokémon, who’s been in the game since Jan. 10, 2020, but rather focused on the event’s format. They complained about the Community Day lasting for only three hours, while they were initially six hours long.

The format changed in 2022, but players are still complaining about it since it gives them less time or flexibility to enjoy it. Others rather complained about the hours it runs, with some complaining they are too late.

“That’s rather disappointing,” wrote one of the first comments. “I hope Niantic truly considers making them 6 hours again as that’ll help everyone.”

Still, some players wrote that they needed Timburr to complete their Pokédex or needed more candies to evolve them and would enjoy the event. Community Days happen monthly, and they feature one highlighted Pokémon that will gain a spawn rate. It’ll help players collect more candies and get them with one precious Attack.


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