Pokémon Go might implement a battle pass, here’s what players are asking for

The item isn't confirmed yet, but that won't stop people from asking for certain things.

Image via Niantic

PokeMiners has found a new item called “Battle Pass Ticket” in Pokémon Go, and players are already speculating about what that means and what might come with it. Although there are quite a few players against the idea, some are already throwing out their wish lists.

The item has caused some confusion within the Pokémon Go community since there is already something like a battle pass in the PvP section of the game. Go Battle League has seasons that change and there are different rewards for getting as far as you can in the competitive mode.

This item has no explanation behind it. It could be an overall battle pass that will include catch challenges, PokéStop spinning challenges, or walking challenges, or it could be a paid version of the currently free battle pass in the PvP mode of the game. Either way, fans are already giving their opinions on what they want in the battle pass if it were to come to fruition.

The obvious asks are already out there in the response to the PokeMiner tweet that found the datamined item. Clothing, poses, and costumed versions of Pokémon are at the top of the suggestion list. Others are asking for an increased amount of Stardust, Candy, and other items.

While commonly used items are great and very helpful, what people really seem to want is customization. A lot of the outfits in Pokémon Go are mostly either gained through participating in paid events or bought straight through the store. The idea of earning the items through a paid battle pass doesn’t sound like an ideal solution, but it might be an easier pill to swallow than outright having to buy it.

If Niantic is wise, it will make the battle pass just like any other game with one in its structure, and allow players to earn enough coins to buy the next battle pass after they’ve made an initial investment. Players are already not pleased with the company after it scaled back Community Day hours and changed Weekly Boxes for the worse, so Niantic will need to make sure it is packing the new battle pass with loads of goodies if it wants players to buy it.

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