Pokémon Go launches Community Ambassador Program

Bringing the game back to what it was all about—community.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go has always been the pioneer in getting a community-based gaming experience in the world of Pokémon started. It brings trainers together in real life through various events—apart from its standard gameplay—and apparently, you can be in charge of regulating your very own community in Pokémon Go now, too.

Niantic has officially unveiled its Community Ambassador Program, which is supposed to support in-person, local Pokémon Go communities around the world by taking their experiences one step further, letting trusted organizers run in-person events to apply for perks that will benefit their community.

This program has come to fruition through Niantic’s new partnership with The Silph Road, the grassroots network filled with Pokémon Go enthusiasts. On Pokémon Go’s official website, the game’s lead global community manager, Kelsey, gave the public a detailed overview of everything surrounding the new Community Ambassador Program.

“I know firsthand how important local community leaders are and how much of their impact is born from passion and hard work,” Kelsey said. The lead global community manager added that “one of the first things I wanted to do when I joined Niantic was find a way to recognize, uplift, and support what our community leaders do for their local Trainers.”

A Community Ambassador is someone who “voluntarily runs events in their local community with the gratitude and assistance of Niantic,” according to the website. By becoming a Community Ambassador, one can expect to receive “special perks” for their communities, such as item codes for giveaways, access to Niantic representatives for special feedback sessions, and various opportunities to further their community’s growth.

There are criteria Niantic is looking for in its Community Ambassadors, however. The company is looking to appoint Ambassadors that are diverse in their nationalities, identities, and ethnicities who possess professionalism and quality of character. Niantic also requires its Ambassadors to promote a community devoid of cheating, as well as being safe and family-friendly.

Players in communities that are a part of the Community Ambassador Program can expect to receive special incentives like item codes and swag through their Community Ambassadors that share it with them for Community Days and other events.

Being able to apply for the position of Community Ambassador is as simple as reaching Rank 4 on the Silph Road’s community pages, after which applicants will be vetted for adherence to the company’s guidelines.

Players can easily learn more about being a Community Ambassador and the vetting process as well as how to apply through the link provided at the bottom of Pokémon Go’s Community Ambassador Program announcement page.