Pokémon Go Battle League season 2 officially delayed until May 11

New dates affect the entire season two lineup.

Image via Niantic

Niantic has officially given a new start date for the Pokémon Go Battle League season two after it was postponed due to technical issues. 

The new start date for the Great League rotation is May 11, which also pushes back the Full League rotation to July 6, when season two was originally supposed to end. 

This move simply pushes everything back a week so that the developers can make sure that all of the new systems are in place for season two. Originally, the Great League was supposed to launch on May 1 and last until May 25 when the Ultra League would take over. 

Here’s the updated list of every format swap for season two. Season three will now begin following the Full Rotation on July 13. Every format swap will take place at 3pm CT on the final day of the competition. 

  • Great League: May 11 to June 1
  • Ultra League: June 1 to 22
  • Master League and Premier Cup: June 22 to July 6
  • Full Rotation (All Formats): July 6 to 13

Niantic also included some new information about move changes, along with one addition to the Legendary Pokémon Palkia’s moveset. Starting now, Drill Run, Moonblast, and Wild Charge have all been updated in regard to trainer battles and will require less energy to use. Moonblast will have a chance to lower the opponent’s Attack stat, while Wild Charge will automatically sharply lower the user’s Defense stat. 

Aqua Tail gives Palkia a powerful new Water-type charged attack that should even the playing field among the other Legendary Dragon-types in the Master League rotation.