Pokémon Global Exhibition 2021 Charizard to be distributed for Sword and Shield celebrating Leonardo Bonanomi’s win

Grab a competitive-ready Zard right away.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

The Pokémon Company and Game Freak are distributing a special Charizard in Pokémon Sword and Shield to celebrate the end of the Pokémon Global Exhibition 2021, an invite-only event that featured many previous World and Major event Champions.

This Charizard was used by the event’s winner and multi-time Players Cup finalist Leonardo “Ilbona” Bonanomi. The Pokémon Company and Game Freak will distribute it using the special Mystery Gift code “GL0BALCHAMP2021,” and it will be available to claim for all players in Pokémon Sword and Shield until Nov. 3. 

To use the code, make sure you’re connected to the internet and open up your normal menu in Sword or Shield. From there, select the “Mystery Gift” option and choose “Get a Mystery Gift,” then select “Get with Code/Password.”

Once you get there, enter “GL0BALCHAMP2021” in the text box, and you should be able to claim your special Charizard once you exit the menus. 

This Charizard is competitive-ready. It sits at level 100 with a Timid Nature, pre-maxed stats, and the Solar Power ability to pair with its options when in its Gigantamax form. It also knows the moves Heat Wave, Blast Burn, Hurricane, and Protect. 

This code is viable globally and will be available to redeem until Nov. 3 in Sword and Shield

Players can still obtain a Charizard capable of Gigantimaxing by completing the story mode in Sword or Shield, but they will have to train it up themselves rather than being able to jump right into any competition with a monstrous build.