People are streaming New Pokémon Snap a day early

Be wary of spoilers if you want to experience the full game for yourself.

Image via Nintendo

New Pokémon Snap is set to release for the Nintendo Switch on April 30, but like with most games on the console, players have accessed the game early and are already streaming it. 

There are only a handful of streams live on Twitch and YouTube, but players should still be cautious about spoilers if they plan to play through the game themselves. More and more of it is likely going to start popping up on the internet. 

Typically, players get early access to games from the Switch’s eShop by making an Australian account and downloading it nearly 12 hours before they become available in other countries. Especially since this is a sequel 22 years in the making, a lot of players are likely scrambling to get the game early. 

This happened not too long ago when Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity released last November. Several streamers legally obtained copies of the game early and streamed portions of the game, only to be banned by Twitch and receiving copyright takedowns on their accounts from Nintendo.

It doesn’t look like any of the streams are being taken down yet, though that could change very quickly if Nintendo has yet to change its automated takedown response system. We likely won’t know if there will be similar problems for streamers who broadcast the game a “day early” until later today.


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