Niantic temporarily extends trade range even further in Pokémon Go

With everything else Niantic did, another range extension is now live.

Image via Niantic

Niantic has surprised Pokémon Go players by extending the trade range again until Nov. 23 in all regions. 

According to multiple reports, the distance has been extended even further than the original test from earlier this week. The first test, which ran from Nov. 12 to Nov. 16 had a maximum reach of around 12km or 7.4 miles. Compared to the original limitation of only being able to trade with people who are physically close to you in the same area, this was a big improvement. 

Now, players have been saying that they have been able to trade with friends from up to 50km away. From The Silph Road community, players have narrowed down the extended range to have a limit of between 40 and 50km depending on your connection. 

Even compared to the previous 12km distance test, this is insane and exactly what players have been asking Niantic to implement for years. This is still just a test to see how functional a range extension could be and gauging interest from the community in this feature being added back in as part of future events, but with all of the other changes that were revealed today, this is just another good sign. 

As usual, players must be friends with each other on the app for more than one day, and there is a Stardust cost associated with each trade depending on which Pokémon are involved. You also need to reach level 10 to unlock the ability in the first place.