Niantic is working on more than 10 new games and AR experiences

Niantic isn't slacking when it comes to new projects and technology.

Image via Niantic

Niantic’s development roadmap is shaping up to be a massive ordeal. The company plans to release more than 10 new games and Augmented Reality experiences in the coming years. 

Along with the continued focus on Pokémon Go and its other ongoing projects, there are plans to put out two new products per year moving forward. 

While this likely won’t result in new experimental AR games being released every year, the potential for new experiences within the company’s existing projects is very high. Pokémon Go is constantly adding new features within its core gameplay experience, and even small additions like the snapshot mode provide players with new ways to interact with the game in unique ways. 

As an example, Reality Blending was just recently added to Pokémon Go, which is a feature that smooths out the interaction between the digital and physical worlds. 

When in use, Reality Blending allows Pokémon to better utilize their environment to interact and move around. This includes allowing them to pass behind real-word objects or hide behind objects like trees or furniture.

More features like this, which is called Occlusion, will be made possible as mobile technology improves in the coming years, and Niantic is committed to creating unique experiences in that space. 

These features will also be assisted by initiatives like the new Project Wayfarer program, which puts more power into the hands of local player communities by giving the opportunity to help build the game’s world in their neighborhoods, towns and cities.

More information about Niantic’s new games, projects, and features will be made available in the future, but there is plenty to look forward to both in and outside of Pokémon Go.