Niantic compensates Pokémon Go players impacted by Deoxys Shiny error

A reward bundle is coming your way if you have participated in any Deoxys Formes raids.

Image via Niantic

Even though it has been six years since its release, Pokémon GO continues to be popular among mobile users. Credit must be given to Niantic as the devs have kept the game engaging with regular updates and events. The developers also resolve bugs and other problems with haste, providing players with a smooth and exciting gameplay experience.

On Sept. 1, the official Niantic announced that it has resolved an issue where shiny versions of Attack Forme Deoxys, Speed Forme Deoxys, and Defense Forme Deoxys were unavailable in the game. But the shiny variant of Normal Forme Deoxys could be found in the game during this period. 

While announcing the resolution of the issue, Niantic had promised to follow up with additional information for the affected players that had participated in the raids featuring those special forms of Deoxys.

The wait has finally ended because Nianticas addressed this issue in its latest tweet.  Niantic said that any player who had completed a raid with any of the Deoxys Formes during the impacted period will receive a bundle from the in-game shop.

This bundle will appear alongside the daily free bundle and will contain three Remote Raid Passes. Unfortunately, if any players have used up more than three Raid Passes during the duration, they will still receive only these three passes. 

Niantic has also urged players to claim this bundle quickly as it will only be available until 5pm local time on Sept. 13. 

If any players affected by this issue do not get this bundle, they must reach out to Niantic Support quickly through the in-game chat option or via any of their social media handles.