New Wild Area Event begins in Pokémon Sword and Shield starring Alola starters

Get involved in the action.

A New WIld Area Event is now live in Pokémon Sword and Shield this week and it will feature the three starter Pokémon from the Alola region.

Starring in the event is Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio who will all appear within Raid Battles for three days until 11:59pm on Oct. 3.

These three Pokémon will be the only three available during the event and can be found within all tiers of raid. There are also no further bonuses for Shiny forms meaning that the chance will remain at the regular rate.

Outside of a chance to score these three starter Pokémon there isn’t anything unique to this event, but like usual, you’ll be able to score the items and other bonuses for completing Max Raid Battles.

If you’ve not caught any of these Pokémon or simply want to add more to your collection then don’t hold off taking advantage of this event before it ends near midnight on Oct. 3.