New Pokémon Snap Patch 2.0.0 full notes

There is plenty of new content to explore.

Image via The Pokemon Company

New Pokémon Snap has just received its first major update, introducing new areas, new Pokémon, and other features to help fix the quality-of-life issues present in the game. The major content update is completely free and can be downloaded with anyone who owns the game right now.

Among the three new areas and 20 Pokémon that players can venture out and capture, the biggest change comes to menu navigation, where you’ll now be able to jump back into a research-level to retry without needing to return to the main menu first.

Other small changes included are the ability to go directly to a camp without having photos assessed by Professor Mirror, and now you can save images directly onto your Nintendo Switch console from the photo editing suite menu.

Here is a list of all the patch notes from New Pokémon Snap Patch 2.0.0.

Full Patch notes for New Pokémon Snap Patch 2.0.0

New areas

  • Sacred Side Path
  • Mightywide River
  • Barren Badlands

20 new Pokémon species

Additional content

  • Titles
  • Profile icons
  • Photo filters
  • Stickers
  • Frames
  • Search options for Other Players’ Photos have changed
  • Improvements to the overall gameplay experience