Ladybug, bulletfish, and moth Pokémon reportedly leaked for Sword and Shield

Keep 'em coming.

Image via Pokémon

Editor’s Note: The leaked images that were previously featured in this article have been removed due to a Digital Millenium Copyright Act claim from The Pokémon Company International, Inc. (“TPCi”).

Even more Pokémon appear to have leaked for Pokémon Sword and Shield ahead of the games official release on Nov. 15, throwing a wrench into the works for Nintendo and Game Freak, who have remained tight-lipped about the games so far.

The first of this apparent Pokémon is an Ice Moth Pokémon known as Snow, who evolves into Frosmoth.

Next up, we have the bug-type Pokémon known as Blipbug, who evolves into Dottler, before finally evolving into the ladybug/beetle-like Pokémon Orbeetle.

The last Pokémon that surfaced in today’s series of leaks seems to be the fish Pokémon that appeared in Cramorant’s mouth when using surf. The fish seems to be called Arrakouda, and even has an evolution, evolving into Barraskewda.

As always, fans should keep in mind that these new images are just leaks and have no official confirmation from Nintendo or Game Freak. Although they seem legitimate considering the scale, size, quality, etc, fans should wait for the game’s official release in a couple of weeks’ time to confirm if they are real or not.

Pokémon Sword and Shield launches for the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 15.