New free weekly item bundles coming to Pokémon Go in March

Just another bit of additional content for the coming month.

Image via Niantic

Throughout March, Niantic is giving players a new free bundle in Pokémon Go every week to coincide with the launch of its next season of content. 

Starting on March 1, players will have access to a free one-time bundle containing 10 Ultra Balls, 10 Razz Berries, and a Remote Raid Pass.

With how the original post was worded, it seems like every weekly bundle will be the same. That means players can get a total of 50 Ultra Balls, 50 Razz Berries, and five Remote Raid Passes by the end of March if they redeem all five bundles. 

These extra items will be helpful for players participating in all of the new content coming up during the Season of Legends, Pokémon Go’s latest seasonal lineup of content. This includes new Special Research themed around Team Go Rocket, the varying forms of Thundurus, Tornadus, and Landorus in Raids, and some new events. 

The bundles will be available in the in-game shop and will be redeemable for a week once it goes live, before being replaced by the next bundle on the following Monday.