How to upgrade and max out satchel slots in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Mr. Bagin isn't as "neat" as he thinks he is with the cost of these satchel slots.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Instead of the usual storage solutions from other Pokémon games, Pokémon Legends: Arceus uses satchels to store items. These have a limited amount of slots, and players may not be quite used to a cap on the number of items they can hold.

If you’re looking to upgrade your satchel, you’ll first need to complete a mission that tasks you with calming down an enraged Kleavor. As you are leaving the Galactic Hall, an NPC named Bagin will stop you and tell you he can help you learn how to fit more things in your satchel.

It seems like a blessing at first, but soon you’ll realize Bagin isn’t teaching you how to expand your satchel out of the goodness of his heart. For each slot in your satchel, you’ll need to pay Bagin a “neat” fee. That fee gets far less neat the more slots you get and gets very expensive quickly. Each time you add a slot, Bagin’s fee increases, and can get into the thousands per slot very quickly.

The first slot starts out at 100 Pokédollars and increases to one million for the last one. There are 37 additional slots that can be added, which means maxing out your satchel will cost you a “neat” 4,199,500 Pokédollars.

You’ll need to catch a whole lot of Pokémon in the game to get that kind of money, but a maxed-out satchel is necessary for getting all of the components required to craft various resources in the game without having to go back to your storage often.