How to trade Pokémon in Pokémon Home with friends and on the GTS

Get those mobile devices ready.

Image via Nintendo

Pokémon Home allows players to store their Pokémon from multiple games on the cloud service and trade with friends or random trainers online to help complete their Pokédex.

But for those on Nintendo Switch, most of what makes Pokémon Home fun and exciting isn’t available on the system at all.

To trade, you need to connect your Nintendo account to your mobile device. The Switch only acts as the main way to transfer Pokémon from Switch and 3DS titles to the cloud servers.

Once you have Pokémon in your boxes and have linked your Nintendo account to the mobile version of Pokémon Home, you’ll notice an option called “trade” appear in the top left corner.

This will allow you to trade Pokémon with friends across the world as long as you add them to your friends list (limited to 10 a day) or put Pokémon onto the GTS to offer them for other Pokémon of your choosing.

It’s then a case of accepting any trade you want to complete and offering the Pokémon that the other players want.