How to rank up in Pokémon Go Battle League Season 5

The requirements have changes a lot for this shortened season.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go Battle League Season Five introduced a lot of changes, including three new ways to battle and reworking how players rank up in preparation for even more changes coming in the next season. 

While you battle through the Little Cup, Kanto Cup, and Catch Cup, you will only rise through the ranks of the Battle League by winning matches for every rank after Rank 2, with the total being heavily lowered from Season 4. 

Instead of needing more than 200 wins to make it into Rank 10 before the Season Six changes reportedly add another 14 ranks, you will only need around 50 wins to make into Rank 10 this season. Here are the specifics for the entirety of Season Five.

RankRank Requirements 
Rank 1Start
Rank 2Complete five battles
Rank 3Win one more battle
Rank 4Win two more battles
Rank 5Win three more battles
Rank 6Win four more battles
Rank 7Win five more battles
Rank 8Win 10 more battles
Rank 9Win 10 more battles
Rank 10Win 15 more battles

This might be your last chance to reach Rank 10 while it is the pinnacle of the Go Battle League, as according to the Battle League’s manager Alex Moffitt, Niantic is changing from a 10-rank system to a 24-rank system in Season Six. More details will be shared once Season Five is closer to an end, with it running from Nov. 9 to 30.